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My background

  I am the wife of a loving husband and the mother of two adult kids whom I love with all my heart. I am an educator and writer. My hobbies are running and performing poetry. Biographies and autobiographies are my favorite books to read. I genuinely care for others and will like in some small way  to leave the world a better pace when I leave it.         M�

My writing roots

   I would write romances stories at high school which my teachers would take to read. As an undergraduate and graduate student of Literature, creative writing was a natural sequel for me.  Overtime I found that putting my feelings on paper helped me to make sense of painful experiences. It is my hope that this poetry anthology will do the same for others allowing them to see that extracting  beauty from ashes is a real possibility.

My style

  As a poet I like the style of Mya Angelou and Langston Hughes. They both possessed a seemingly simple style that was engaging of the emotions. Like these greats I tell my story with a vulnerability that invites others into my world as I offer empathy and reflection to promote transcendence and wholeness.   


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Splendor from Ashes is now Available

  Dr. Rizzolo, as one of the millions of women who have been victims of domestic violence opens her heart and her life in her poetry to honestly and authentically reveal the pain, fear, and confusion born out of such abuse., In Splendor from Ashes Dr. Rizzolo tries for authentic capture of her journey to  healing and rebirth. Join Dr. Rizzolo on her journey  

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A Sample Poem from my book

The Ambush (2003)

You touched her kids,

you wounded her soul,

wracking her womb with pain,

and shook her well-worn faith.

Then leaky faucets finding gutters

on her freshly pleated face

gushed forth in insurrection,

the last stance of the damned.

Ungovernable thoughts, one-liners

race across her brain,

repetitious, torturous rituals

of excruciating pain.

Her eyes grow wide in knowing—

the knowing of the lost.


 mike war

 Great book!
I was not a poetry enthusiasts but after reading this book I am seeing the beauty in poetry


Melina Dennis

 Ingrid Rizzolo's work Splendor from Ashes,is a masterfully intimate treatise of triumph over adversity. It's a remarkable testimony to the endurance of the light within, that need not be extinguished by external circumstances. This work is a must read, that is second to none. The work stands on its own, as a validation, and inspiration for the many that is sure to find solace, in its content. A True tour de force!!!!!  


A must Read

Janice Reid

 This book ingeniously captures the abuse of a remarkable woman. Dr. Rizzolo tells her personal journey from shame, ridicule and weakness to a woman who found her inner strength and healing. I believe this book can help many women who have been abused or currently being abused by a dysfunctional partner.
I greatly admire Dr. Rizzolo's ability to express her thoughts and feelings in such a poetic manner. A book like this should not be just on our book shelves but in our hearts. Good job Dr. Rizzolo! 

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